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STUDENTS  Policy 2525
Student Academic Achievement   
Graduation Requirements 

Graduation requirements for the District shall be a minimum of twenty-four (24) units of credit completed during grades nine and above, and eight (8)semesters of attendance, unless approval for early graduation has been granted (see Board Policy 2540). The twenty-four (24) credits must be earned in the areas of study listed below.

Graduation Requirements

Communication Arts 4 Units
Social Studies 3 Units
Mathematics 3 Units
Science 3 Units
Fine Arts 1 Unit
Practical Arts 1 Unit
Physical Education 1 Unit
Health Education .5 Unit
 Personal Finance.5 Unit
Electives 7 Units


24 Units

The District will accept courses offered through Missouri's K12 Virtual Instructional Program (MoVIP) as units of credit meeting state and local graduation requirements, provided, however, the quantity and quality of completed student work meets standards applicable to the District's traditional program. (See Virtual Instruction Program Policy 6190).

Eligible students as defined in Regulation 2525 may pursue a timely graduation from high school through the School Flex Program. Eligible students participating in the School Flex Program will be considered full-time students.

High school graduation credit will not be awarded for successful completion of high school coursework completed in grade eight or below regardless of where that coursework was taken. Students who successfully complete high school level coursework in grade eight or below will receive Advanced Standing acknowledgement on their transcripts, but twenty-four (24) units of high school graduation credit must still be accrued during grades nine and above.

The District will participate in the College Preparatory Studies Certificate program sponsored by the Missouri State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The requirements set forth by the Missouri State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in awarding the College Preparatory Studies Certificate will be followed.

In addition to the program of study for graduation, a student must pass proficiency exams concerning American history and institutions, and the Missouri and United States Constitutions, to qualify for graduation from the District. Students must also pass a course of instruction of at least one (1) semester in length on the institutions, branches and functions of the government of the state of Missouri, including local governments, and the United States government and the electoral process to qualify for graduation from the District.

Seniors transferring from a District school may investigate the possibility of receiving their diploma from said high school upon completion of all required credits.

Beginning with the Class of 2008, a Cum Laude system for recognizing academic excellence will be in effect. Requirements to receive a Cum Laude award at graduation are as follows:


• Students must accumulate a minimum of twenty-seven (27) credits at graduation, unless prorated due to Advanced Standing acknowledgement of high school level coursework successfully completed before grade nine (see NOTES below). Only high school courses (including Missouri Virtual Instruction Program (MoVIP) courses) qualify for Cum Laude credit. Classes taken through dual enrollment, correspondence, night school or in grade eight or below do not meet this standard.

1) Students transferring from other school districts must have taken the maximum amount of credits available at their previous school(s) and then meet the above credit requirement prorated for the period they attend high school in the District.

2) While high school credit is not awarded for college credit earned through dual enrollment, or for high school level coursework completed before grade nine, it may be necessary to prorate the number of credits required for Cum Laude distinction for those students entering ninth grade with Advanced Standing acknowledgement on their transcripts. Students who successfully complete the highest level of District coursework available in any of the four (4) core subject areas may petition to dual enroll at a local college or university in order to take more advanced courses in said subject area(s). District schedule allowances may be necessary to accommodate these dual enrollment situations, and the Cum Laude total credit requirement may be prorated as a result.

• Cum Laude GPA requirements are:
4.2 and above - Summa Cum Laude
4.0 - 4.19 - Magna Cum Laude
3.8 - 3.99 - Cum Laude

NOTE: GPA will be calculated to include all classes taken in grades 9-12 (including MoVIP classes), but exclude correspondence, night school and high school courses taken in grade eight or below. GPAs will not be rounded up.
• Students are required to take a minimum of eight (8) semesters in each of the core areas: math, communication arts, science, and social studies.

• Students are required to earn a minimum of “Proficient” on all but one (1) MAP/End-of-Course exams taken over high school level coursework.

• On college entry exams, students are required to attain a minimum of a 27 composite score on the ACT or a combined 1220 on two (2) of three (3) sections on the SAT.

Cum Laude honors will be announced as students’ names are read at commencement. Students will wear a Cum Laude medallion with the color ribbon selected by the individual high school.

Summa Cum Laude - Gold Medallion
Magna Cum Laude - Silver Medallion
Cum Laude - Bronze Medallion

A sticker will be placed on students’ diplomas indicating the appropriate honor.

April 2010
Reviewed June 2013